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Erik J. Meyer-Curley

Pentucket Lodge 200th Anniversary Banquet

Friends and Brothers,

I pray this finds you all in good health.

Friday March 9th, 2007 marks Pentucket Lodge's 200th Anniversary. On this day Pentucket will be having a banquet with music to start off the anniversary year. We will be having our catered banquet at Lenzi's in Dracut, MA (See attached poster below for more information) This will be a great social event to bring our members, our wives, family, friends and prospects.

Prior to dinner the lodge will meet at the Spaulding House on School Street in Lowell, the first building Pentucket met as a Lodge and first received its charter 200 years ago on March 9th, 1807. This special meeting will open at 6:30pm. We will then meet our ladies at the restaurant for the social festivities. More anniversary events to come throughout the year!!

I hope to you see there and share this special time with you.


Wayne Standley Jr.
Sr. Warden
Pentucket Lodge A.F & A.M
Lowell, MA

Pentucket Lodge 200th Anniversary Celebration

Friday March 9th, 2007
Dinner Banquet with music

Lenzi's Function Facility
810 Merrimack Avenue (Rte 110)
Dracut, MA 01826

Cocktail Social hour at 7:00pm
Dinner to be served at 8:00pm
Combination Entree
Roast Sirloin and Roast Turkey

For tickets call 978-452-2282
or email at

$30.00 per person

I figured I would post this to lead off into a question on how Lodges and Jurisdictions out there may celebrate significant anniversaries. Under the GL of MA a Lodge that has reached one hundred years since being Instituted is allowed to have a medal (pocket jewel) made that the members may wear to show that they are members of a Lodge that is at least a century old. I am guessing this was much more a desireable Masonic fashion accessory in the nineteenth century, when only the oldest Lodges were able to commission such an item. Now in the twenty-first century there are very few, maybe a handful, Lodges in the Jurisdiction that can not make that claim. I have seen a number of these items in display cases in Lodges, most members do not wear them anymore. A newer member recently mentioned to a fellow PM, malaki42, that they thought it would be really cool to be able to have something to wear like that. Some older PMs dismissed the idea as frivolous. I have to admit that a pocket jewel is usually a more impressive presentation to someone than a lapel pin. Would it really help with keeping up the imterest of a new member, I am not sure. Is it worth it to try and find out tho, I would think so. For the 125th anniversary of the Lodge we had a Table Lodge that was well attended. I was at the centennial re-dedication of the Grand Lodge building. It was a very solemn and impressive ceremony. Next year (2008) the Grand Lodge of MA will be celebrating its 275th anniversary. I am sure that there is some proper term for said number, but I do not know it off hand. I am led to believe that the celebrations shall be quite fantastic. So what do other Lodges do for anniversaries? Does anyone know what their Lodge or Grand Lodge did in the past for an anniversary?
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