SullenTeen (cortesius) wrote in masons,

A note to Grevvlad and PierceHeart

Recently, the moderators of Masons disagreed about the appropriateness of a post titled "The Master's Hammer". Cortesius felt that the post was tangentially masonic and recommended to DonutGirl that the post should remain, despite her misgivings. Both agree that the Birthday Wishes to Clive Barker (of unknown masonic allegiance) was inappropriate. Grevvlad, take this as a warning.

The behavior of PierceHeart in this matter was more troubling. The moderators were contacted separately until a response that he found acceptable was obtained. This included misrepresenting the moderators to each other. Upon a review of the Birthday Wishes to Clive Barker, we found that PierceHeart was referring to the moderators as "total absentee landlords" despite the fact that they had responded to all his comments within 6 hours. Furthermore, the interchange in the messages was unenjoyable. We are loathe to make public the contents of these messages, but feel justified in our decision to ban PierceHeart.

This is not our first conflict with him. PierceHeart was adamant that someone be banned and that Grevvlad's posts be removed. This, PierceHeart, is a Pyrrhic victory. If Masonry might permit an additional teaching beyond silence and circumspection, I would suggest "snitches get stitches".
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